Technical Support

Technical Support
Resolving technical issues

The ability to quickly analyze system and error messages and take appropriate action are key factors in ensuring that plants run safely and efficiently. Questions can arise at any time and in any industry, whether it is an individual product or a complete automation solution. Controlmatics technical support offers individual technical assistance in matters related to functionality, how to operate, applications, and fault clearance in industrial products and systems – at any time and globally, over the phone, by e-mail, or via remote access. Experienced experts from Controlmatics answer incoming questions promptly. Depending on the requirements, they first consult specialists in the areas of development, on-site services, and sales. Technical support is also available for discontinued products that are no longer available.


Do you need help with product selection and developing your automation solution? We will supply you with the optimum configuration of automation products or offer you competent advice on developing a tailor-made solution.

Product Training

Have you already selected the right product for your project and would now like to enhance your understanding of that product? Our specialists can provide dedicated training designed to boost customer know-how.

Application Support

You are already familiar with the product. It is about to go live for the first time and now you would like assistance. In that case our specialists can prepare an application example together with you.

Configuration Review

You have already completed the design or development of your automation solution and would like to know whether you are on the right track? We verify the structure or architecture of your projects.

Professional Consulting for Energy Management

You want to exploit the energy used in your industrial plant more efficiently? We offer professional consulting services for implementing an integrated energy management system throughout the entire production process.