Technical Consulting and Engineering Support

The efficiency of plants and processes leads to sustainable economic success. Individual services from Controlmatics help save substantial time and money while also guaranteeing maximum safety. Technical consulting covers the selection of products and systems for efficient industrial plants. The services include planning, consulting, and conceptual design as well as product training, application support, and configuration verification – in all phases of a plant’s lifecycle and in all questions related to product safety. Engineering support offers competent assistance throughout the entire project, from developing a precise structure for startup to product-specific preparation for implementation as well as support services in areas such as prototype development, testing, and acceptance.

Project Start-up and Implementation

Our Engineering Support specialists help you right from the start. During the project start-up phase we draw up a detailed structure or architecture for your automation project. We also prepare for you an implementation profile or assist you in preparing one. Depending on the type of automation project, the implementation profile normally includes the following elements:

§  Configuration and representation of the components interconnections

§  Detailed description of the functional units, interfaces, data flows and processes

§  Definition of graphical user interfaces in keeping with your style guide

§  Documentation and version management

§  Training concepts for project engineers and operating personnel

Our experienced specialists can therefore ensure that professional preparations are made for implementing the chosen solution and pay special attention to project-specific criteria such as material, engineering and maintenance costs or machine and plant performance.

Integrated Engineering Support

However, our “Engineering Support” service includes much more. Depending on your requirements, we help you during the configuration of your overall automation software solution – for added security during the implementation of new concepts and the deployment of new products. To the end we offer you the following services:

Preparation of prototypes for concept verification purposes

§  Support during the configuration stage

§  Assistance with acceptance tests

§  Training of project engineers and operating personnel

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