System Migration

What is System Migration ?

                  The overall process of migrating existing configurations to the new platform is a complex procedure that requires in-depth system expertise as well as extensive technological knowledge of the processes involved. In most cases, a simple cross-compilation of the existing step to the new software is not feasible. When replacing the hardware, in many cases specialized knowledge is a prerequisite for achieving minimum downtimes and optimal operational reliability of the new system.

Why your plant needs System Migration?

                   The phase-out of the existing machine or process will make the maintenance of these PLC system more difficult and expensive, but migration to the latest version of any hardware and software will allow you to use the updated process control functions to decisively increase the productivity of your plant.

Controlmatics offers a full scope of services, from a simple assessment of the existing system through the development of upgrade concepts to the full implementation of upgrade projects. Their extensive expertise in diverse automation platforms together with the technological know-how acquired in numerous modernization projects guarantees an optimal changeover strategy and project success.

Main benefits:

  • Enhanced life-time of the automation system and the overall installation thanks to ongoing improvements
  • Seamless integration of new technologies and standards
  • Improved product quality at optimized maintenance costs due to service over the entire life-cycle
  • Ensured and extended maintainability (spare parts, resources)
  • Improved plant control performance, availability, diagnosis, and system reliability
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