Repair Services

Reliable electrical and electronic equipment is crucial for operating continuous processes. That’s why it’s essential that motors and converters always undergo highly specialized repair and maintenance. Controlmatics offers complete customer and repair services – on site and in repair centers – as well as technical emergency services worldwide. The repair services include all measures necessary to quickly restore the functionality of defective units. In addition, services such as spare parts logistics, spare parts storage and rapid manufacturing are available to plant operators in all verticals. With a global network of certified repair shops operated by Controlmatics as well as third parties, Controlmatics handles the maintenance and overhaul of motors, converters, and other devices as an authorized service partner.

Replacement options

In addition to supplying spares, we also offer a replacement option for many products. The advantage of this is that you not only get your spare part very quickly, you can also return the faulty device to us and receive a credit. Thus, you get to source our spares at an attractive replacement price.


If a plant is out of operation, we will get your spare parts to you as quickly as we possibly can. You may order spare parts outside regular office hours, as well as at weekends and on public holidays, round the clock. Delivery by courier is also available on request.

Replacement or repair?

For many defective devices/parts, you can choose whether to have them replaced or repaired. The section below contains further information about this.
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