Modernization and Optimization Services

High machine availability, expanded functionality, and selective energy savings – in all industries, these are decisive factors for increasing productivity and lowering costs. Whether a company wants to modernize individual machines, optimize drive systems, or upgrade entire plants, Controlmatics’ experts support the projects from planning to commissioning. Expert consulting and project management with solution responsibility lead to security and make it possible to specifically identify savings potential in production. This secures investments over the long term and increases economic efficiency in operation.

Controlmatics – where the most modern production technology meets the increased demand for product quality. Our worldwide experience in the area of electrical and automation systems provides our clients with innovative technological upgrades for their manufacturing equipment. Modernizing your plant extends its working life. Technological updates not only increase availability and productivity, they also lower operating and maintenance expenditures and thus ensure a rapid return on investment.

System Upgrades

To maintain your plant at its maximum performance level and to ensure that the latest technology is available for installed automation systems, Controlmatics offers economic upgrading and optimization packages reflecting state-of-the-art-solutions. Small upgrades are the right way to extend the lifespan of your automation system. By making small, cost-effective upgrades or replacements, you can bring your components in line with the latest technology. These types of improvements typically require minimal plant downtime, or none at all – and your plant will remain competitive in the market place.


Controlmatics offers you modernization solutions tailored to your needs. Updates and migration of your existing plant automation system not only increase availability and productivity but also lower operating and maintenance expenditures, safeguarding your investment and making your plant ready for future production requirements. Controlmatics has a long tradition of providing the metallurgical industry with both integrated system as well as individual technological and automation packages. Based on the modular design of the SIMETAL/SIROLL solutions, it is possible to install these packages as standalone versions or embedded into existing environments. Their easy integration into existing software configurations eliminates the need to replace the entire automation system and enables major performance improvements with small investments. In-house experience in software and hardware engineering is the key to achieving the fastest project implementation and start-ups.

Having Controlmatics upgrade your automation system gives you access to a number of new functions and technological features that can boost the performance of your process. Our comprehensive capability as a single source provider minimizes downtime and risks during the upgrade process.

Migration from SIMATIC S5 to S7

The overall process of migrating existing S5 configurations to the new S7 platform is a complex procedure that requires in-depth system expertise as well as extensive technological knowledge of the processes involved. In most cases, a simple cross-compilation of Step 5 to Step 7 software is not feasible. When replacing the hardware, in many cases specialized knowledge is a prerequisite for achieving minimum downtimes and optimal operational reliability of the new system.

Controlmatics offers a full scope of services, from a simple assessment of the existing system through the development of upgrade concepts to the full implementation of upgrade projects. Their extensive expertise in diverse automation platforms together with the technological know-how acquired in numerous modernization projects guarantees an optimal changeover strategy and project success.

Main benefits:

§  Enhanced life-time of the automation system and the overall installation thanks to ongoing improvements

§  Seamless integration of new technologies and standards

§  Improved product quality at optimized maintenance costs due to service over the entire life-cycle

§  Ensured and extended maintainability (spare parts, resources)

§  Improved plant control performance, availability, diagnosis, and system reliability

SIMATIC PCS 7 version upgrade

Controlmatics provides packages for upgrading any existing system based on SIMATIC PCS 7 to the latest version, comprising:

Upgrade of engineering station

§  Upgrade of operator stations (server and clients)

§  Upgrade of Siemens software libraries

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