Main Automation Contractor (MAC)

As your Main Automation Contractor (MAC), Controlmatics can provide a full scope solution by serving as your single point of contact to supply a fully integrated suite of electrical, controls and instrumentation services and products. Controlmatics will essentially manage your entire project – identify all automation activities, develop an execution plan, obtain the best resources, select the best technologies and then let the resources do what they do best.

When it comes to executing a major engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project, we don’t engage in the civil, structural or mechanical disciplines – that’s the job of an EPC company. Our goal is to work with and complement the EPCs and end users to provide the complete suite of engineering services, solutions and products that meet your electrical, control, power and safety requirements.

Our team offers a full scope of engineering services and solutions that minimize risk and reduce the number of interfaces it takes to get the job done. Our success is a result of:

·       Early engagement. We can demonstrate our understanding of your needs and the ability to work with an EPC to solve a problem. Early engagement can save you time and money because we can help avoid rework that can result from early design issues.

·       Moving from initially small/specialist work such as obsolescence studies, functional safety assessments for hazards, reliability and maintainability, reviews, etc., to a broader scope of services.

·       Adding value to your internal engineering team to carry out work that cannot be done in house.

·       Embedding engineers within your office for immediate response and support.
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