With our profound market knowledge we are best positioned to serve our customers regarding their needs. We have a vast portfolio of products, systems, services and solutions for customers in a large number of industries. Our digitally enhanced portfolio in the areas of electrification and automation is the basis for solutions fitting to our customer markets. You can explore them by industry below.
Airport Logistics

From comprehensive baggage handling to cargo system at the airport, we provide support for the entire process – from planning to commissioning. We help you overcome operational and functional challenges so you can operate not only economically but to increase throughput and quality in order to improve overall performances.

Automotive Industry, a capital-intensive and a highly competitive industry, continues to evolve at an incredible pace in this fast growing market, yet our client’s ultimate goal is to achieve the maximum production output and fastest time to market. Despite the system complexity, our expert team can offer the customized solution for Auto Production to ensure the most efficient production you can get from your system.

Due to a growing Battery and Energy Storage Market, the battery manufacturing need to be powerful, durable, efficient, and cost effective. The key to success lies in production process. We provide innovative and turnkey energy storage solutions ranging from battery cell manufacturing to the assembly of the individual cells into battery packs.
Building Automation

Scalable control system for all building requirements, our team will work with you to identify all the requirements and offer the most suitable, cost effective, and energy saving solution for your building.

Since aluminum is the third most abundant metal on earth and iron ore used for steel production is the fourth, it is undoubtedly the result of the competitive can making market. The goal of getting the most production advantage with least downtime is a challenge to many manufacturers. Consult with our team of expertise to find out how we can help you achieve your production goal.

The goal of improving productivity while continuously decreasing cost can be a big challenge to many Cement manufacturers. However, with our business know-how and our team of expertise, we can offer solutions for all your cement production requirements.


In the highly competitive market environment of the chemical industry, Controlmatics can help improve the production capacity, production reliability, and bring your operations into control while reducing unit cost and energy usage.  Only comprehensively optimized plants are capable of achieving maximum yields and therefore, contributing to the success of a business.
 Consumer Package Goods (CPG)

Since consumers are becoming more demanding and less loyal, it is essential that the quality and quantity of the product have to go hand-in-hand. Keeping the optimum stock of products and bringing the best and most current products to market quickly are very important. Moreover, it's crucial to find the right solutions to run your plant due to the increasing pressure from regulators who require safety data in real time and consumers who demand the perfect product every time. Feel free to contact us to find out more on the best fit solution for your production system.
Data Center

Data Center Solution allows you to scale your infrastructure to meet your computing and data storage demands as they evolve. No matter what challenge you are facing, whether its space saving, modularity & flexibility, energy efficiency, continuous operation or safety & security, we have the solutions you need to overcome them. Our team can help you design, plan, build and support your data center infrastructure in order to provide an efficient, scalable, and manageable solution for 24/7/365 network uptime.
Fiber & Textile Industry

The manufacturing and processing of Fiber and Textile are energy intensive and highly focused on the accuracy and quality of finished goods. Therefore, you need solutions to help you increase productivity that consume less energy while maintaining its quality standard. At Controlmatics, we have the solution to help you increase the uptime of continuous process with proven safety systems, low power consumption, and high production precision.
Food & Beverage

The goal of driving productivity while maintaining the quality, nutritional value, and taste regardless of where a product was produced is a crucial challenge. In order to meet more and more individual consumer requirement, we offer the solution that can help you combat with these challenges and gain the most from today’s Food & Beverage Trend.  

Maximum plant availability and the optimal use of personnel and equipment are crucial for long-term success in the glass industry, and with constant increases in productivity and glass quality, we supply innovative automation and drive technology solutions for glass processing.
Household & Personal Care

Since the throughput and sustainability of production is compulsory for the industries that are becoming more customized with innovative strategy to meet changing consumer demand, it is important to have the plant that can give you the edge you need to achieve faster production, greater recipe diversity, and quicker time-to-market as efficient producer.

By increasing throughput and efficiency, minimizing material costs, and achieving high reliability within tight deadlines can be a challenge in today’s infrastructure’s industry. Our team can apply solutions to help you reduce material & labor costs, and maintenance cost while increasing throughput and uptime to maximize your asset utilization.
Machinery and Plant Construction

We understand how the competence solution from the very beginning means to you. Machine building and plant engineering required consistent functionality with maximum efficiency. As competent automation partner we can support from the conceptual design to engineering and commissioning. Find out more on how you can response faster, more efficiently and flexibility.

The goal of optimizing your vessel’s operational efficiency while minimizing energy consumption can be a big challenge to the owner and operators. Therefore, it is critical to have a solution for every challenges you faced in marine environment. Consult with our expert on the cost-effective solutions to maximize the availability and reliability of your vessel’s operation.

A complex and quick changing market condition industry like Mining is facing a challenge on how to stay profitable while adhering to strict government regulations. Though the maximum productivity while reducing cost in economic downturn are the goals, the operator must ensure that their operations are safe, environmentally friendly, and regulatory compliance. Find out more on how to have end-to-end process optimization to improve overall plant performance.
Oil & Gas

In oil & gas production business, maximum operational efficiency and sustainable profitability, while reducing operational cost and energy consumption in this competitive market are every operator’s dream. Controlmatics offers our best-in-class solutions to help customer stay competitive and achieve the intended business output in demand-supply dynamics environment.
Parcel & Postal

Our quick, reliable, and innovative sorting systems offer flexibility and route letters & parcels quickly and safely through the sorting center. The proven processing performance at every step can ensure a higher throughput and availability across the entire mail processing chain.
Panel Building

In control panel production, adhering to global standards and practices are compulsory. With our innovative solutions and know-how, we can offer cost-effective solutions to help our customer stay ahead of the competition.

In continually growing competition market, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry are facing constant pressure to reduce cycle time and costs while increasing quality and profitability. The key is to develop an appropriate solution for automating facilities that allows swift implementation of processes and retrofitting of equipment to manufacture different batches. We can provide a state-of-the art solution that is simple to maintain, operate, and develop.
Power Generation

Power utilities are facing the pressure, from regulatory and consumer, to seek higher efficiency, reliability, and safety. As a power provider, your goal is to reliably and cost effectively produce electricity. With this said, we provide a complete plant-wide integrated control solution for energy generation by optimizing plant operations.
Pulp and Paper

Due to the challenges faced from higher competition and diverse customer demand in Pulp & Paper, it is important to improve product quality, productivity, and capacity while reducing down time. Executing real-time control and maintaining critical process parameters means you can respond quicker to customer demands. At Controlmatics, we have the control system solutions that help pulp and paper mills achieve their objectives. 
Print & Publishing

To stay competitive, we understand that publications must continually improve printing quality, increase overall efficiency, and reduce waste. We will work with you to keep you on top of your business with new technology to upgrade your automated printing machines and equipment.
Railway Solutions

Reliability, convenience, speed and safety are the important factors for ensuring the desirability of modern mass-transit railways, which result in commercial success. At Controlmatics, we provide a platform to integrate data acquisition, industrial control, and communication as one complete system as we customized solutions at railway station based on specific need and requirement.
Tire & Rubber Industry

The challenges in tire manufacturing are varied such as globalization, stricter safety and regulatory requirement, consumer demand for greater performance at a lower price, and many more. Strong competition is forcing manufacturers to be more efficient and productive while at the same time improving their product’s quality. We can offer the solution and technology that will allow you to achieve all this and more.
Manufacturing tobacco products is a large-scale and complex operation that consume extensive amount of energy. And since quality is a top priority, each cigarette must automatically quality controlled to ensure that it meets every aspect of its specification. Consult with our expert today on how we can help give you a competitive edge
Water & Waste Water

To keep the increasing water consumption under control in the face of growing water shortage, there are several challenges we need to overcome including, but not limited to, maximizing productivity while reducing overall cost, integrating modern control system with an existing infrastructure, stricter water quality, and system capacity expansion. Our integrated control system can offer automated operations, monitoring, control and optimization for all water applications.
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