Field Services

It’s a top priority in all industries: the availability of plants and equipment. Siemens offers specialized maintenance services such as inspection and upkeep as well as rapid fault clearance in industrial plants – worldwide, continuously, and even with emergency services as needed. The services include startup as well as maintenance and fault clearance during operation. The startup service includes checking the installation, function tests, parameterization, integration tests for machines and plants, trial operation, final acceptance, and employee training. All services, including remote maintenance of drives and preventive maintenance, are also available as elements of customized service contracts.


Whether you need to have machinery and plants commissioned or require service calls – our regional service control centers will organize callouts to suit your needs. Our commissioning services include:

§  Review installations

§  Functional and integration testing for machinery and parts

§  Parameterization

§  Trial operations

§  Acceptance inspections

§  Operator instruction and training


Modern maintenance concepts ensure most economic plant availability with complete cost transparency. We offer the support with creating systematic concepts – from inspection and maintenance to commissioning and improvements, all perfectly harmonized to suit the requirements of your machinery and plants. The use of different products and systems in a machine or plant can sometimes result in complex maintenance scenarios – we have experienced specialists on hand to advise you if this is the case.


Inspection is pivotal for assessing the actual state of your machinery or plant. It includes tracking down causes of wear and identification of suitable maintenance measures. State-of-the-art condition monitoring techniques also achieve excellent results. Our inspection services include:

§  Inventory of machinery and plants

§  Documented checks and measurements, e.g. vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography, measurement of       performance and consumption

§  Software system diagnostics

§  Error analysis

§  Analysis and evaluation of weak points

§  Specification of necessary maintenance measures


In addition to measures defined in the maintenance schedule for your machine, others can result from the inspection. We can help you here with both classical maintenance services and modern maintenance of your software and applications. Our maintenance services include:

§  Support with maintenance planning

§  Calculation and documentation of maintenance intervals

§  Systematic exchange of wearing parts

§  Replacement of consumables

§  Clearance of software error buffers

§  Maintenance of storage elements (e.g. hard disks)

Modern remote concepts facilitate efficient teleservice for certain measures. Based on tired and testes safety application such as the Siemens Remote Service Platform, electronic maintenance can now be carried out quickly and economically around the globe.

On-site Repairs

Correction maintenance or fault rectification is a central element of our maintenance program. As part of our on-site repaire service. Which includes fault diagnostics, replacement of defective parts, overhauls, troubleshooting in application software or remote servicing, we also offer customized agreements for:

Fault Registration: Availability, return call times

§  Standby times

§  Service times

§  Response times

§  Preparation times

§  Billing methods
Whether as part of a service contract or not, our network of experts is within easy reach worldwide and available to call out at short notice.


As inspection of your machinery or plant may result in the elimination of weak points. But this does not include any functional changes or modifications. The scope of such improvements is described in an individual maintenance strategy, whose contests are quite distinct from any optimization. Here it is above all the safety aspects and manufacturer conformity which are important.