Klockner Moeller

Moeller is Eaton



  • In 1899, Franz Klöckner founds a manufacturing company in Cologne, Germany for electrical switching devices; Hein Moeller joined the company in 1911 and develops the first three-phase oil-insulated contactor in 1912

  • The company becomes Klöckner-Moeller in the 1940s and then becomes Moeller GmbH in 1999 to celebrate its centennial

  • In the 1990s the Moeller Test Laboratory in Bonn is the first German laboratory to be accredited for industrial low-voltage devices and systems

  • Eaton Corporation acquires the Moeller Group in 2008, a leading manufacturer of components for residential building applications, circuit protection and industrial controls for machinery applications in Europe, and CopperLogic Inc. in 2010, a industrial equipment manufacturer and distributor of industrial control products with strong channel in the US and Canada

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